Coat fabric - DARK GREY A1057 #23

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Boucle steamed wool sheath fabric characterized by decorative curly knots, solid underneath. It is characterized by a tight knit weave. Fabric, apart from being thick, is also soft, malleable, well and softly arranged. Wool provides adequate air circulation and is very warm.

Ideally suited for coats, jackets, ponchos.

We advise you to iron on pleats on the left side of the fabric, on the edges, about 2 cm wide, made of interlining. This prevents fraying of the edges and strengthens the seams. You can clearly see the lines copied from the pattern on the insert strips.

  • grammage 525 gsm 
  • steamed wool 30% PES 70%
  • color: DARK GREY
  • width 150 cm
  • minimum order is 0.5 m
  • possibility of ordering every 0,5 m

Buying several pieces you will receive the material in one piece.

How to care:
Dry cleaning