Flowers of the Unicorn sweat grey melange

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Perfect for a thinner tracksuits, blouses, shirts, leggings, trousers and sports dresses.

 Our knitted fabrics are made from high quality yarn. A special treatment process makes the fabric is extremely soft and printing undetectable.

At every stage of the production of this knitwear have been used technologies that are certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This means that this fabric is free from harmful substances and perfectly safe, even for the youngest users. Produced in Poland. Designed by Karolina Kubikowska

Perfect suits with Flowers of the unicorn Panel.


  • sweat (with a loops on the back side)
  • melange, warm gray with digital print
  • weight 230 g/m² +/- 5%
  • cotton 92%, polyester 5%, elastane 3%
  • width 165 cm
  • min. order is 0,5 m 
  • ordering every 0,1 m


When you buy a few pieces of fabrics you get it in one piece.



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