Knitted fabric SAVONA 290g CARAMEL

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High quality knitted fabric made of a composition of nylon, viscose and spandex. Very soft, slightly stretchy, fits perfectly and does not crumple. This knitted fabric is two-face.
Perfect for sewing skirts, classic dresses, jackets, suits, trousers. 
It retains its usefulness even after many washings, but this knitted fabric must be washed by hand.  

  • SAVONA knitted fabric
  • colour - caramel
  • Weight 290 g/m2
  • Nylon 65%, viscose 30%, spandex 5% 
  • width 150 cm 
  • minimum order is 0.5 m
  • can be ordered every 0.1 m

When you buy several pieces of material you will get in one piece.

How to care: