Viscose fabric FLOWER BUDS ON NAVY BLUE # 9538-01

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  • 1 m ( €2.42 for 1 m )
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This fabric is delicate and pleasant to hold, thin and soft to the touch. It arranges itself very nicely, it is airy.

Viscose clothes provide incredible wearing comfort, are breathable and absorb moisture well.

It is perfect for sewing airy dresses, blouses, shirts and scarves.


We recommend steaming this fabric before sewing.

  • viscose fabric, dress fabric
  • colors: navy blue, cream, pale pink, yellow, green, red
  • weight - 90 g / m²
  • viscose 100%
  • width - 140 cm
  • the minimum order is 0.5 m
  • can be ordered every 0.1 m


How to care:
NOTE - we do not recommend washing knitted fabrics and fabrics printed in gels, washing capsules and soaps. Liquid detergents can discolor the print.
The actual colors of the fabric may differ from the colors shown on the screen.