We take care of the highest quality and unique design of our fabrics. Every day we strive to meet your expectations, and surprise with new ideas. Our fabrics are formed from the combination of the best yarn, proven technological processes, experience and passion. The highest quality is for us not only nice, interesting design, but also the durability and safety. Therefore, the process of production and iours suppliers we supervise from the beginning to the finished product. The production process and dyeing is a chemical process. Performed in uncontrolled conditions can be harmful. Therefore, at every stage of the production of our fabrics have been used technologies taht  are certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This means that all textiles and knitwear are free from harmful substances and perfectly safe, even for the youngest users.

Quality control, high-quality materials used guarantee that our fabric are resistant to pilling and saturated colors remain even after several washings.


If you have additional questions about the quality of our materials, please contact us on hello@miekkie.com