SERAFLEX ® Mettler/Amann

SERAFLEX® PTT (Polytrimethylenterephthalat)


SERAFLEX® is the perfect sewing thread for highly elastic seams on all elastic fabrics. Due to its innovative raw material PTT (37% renewable raw material) an elongation of approx. 65% is achieved, making all seams highly elastic. SERAFLEX® makes especially the straight stitch extremely stretchable, in the best case even a doubling of the seam elasticity can be achieved compared to seams with conventional sewing threads.
Due to its extremely elastic properties SERAFLEX® is primarily used for clothing, e.g. as sewing thread

  • for women's, men's and children's clothing,
  • for sportswear and outdoor
  • for lingerie and underwear.

SERAFLEX ®  Mettler/Amann 130 m 0975 APPLE SEED

SERAFLEX ® Mettler/Amann 130 m 0975 APP...

€2.28 / szt.
1 szt. 130 m / 142 yds