1. We ship to: EU Australia, Belarus Brazil, Honkong, Israel, Japan, Canada, Norway South of Brazil, Honkong, Israel, Japan, Canada, Norway, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, Singapore, USA, Thailand Turkey , Switzerland, Serbia, Ukraine.

  2. The ordered Goods are sent to the address indicated in the Order Form. The Client shall be forthwith informed about the improperly filled in Order Form, which prevents the dispatch of goods or which can delay it.
  1. The total time from order to delivery shall be 3 days at the maximum - from the day of the Order placement by the Client; however, the On-line Store shall make its best efforts to complete Orders as soon as possible.

  2. Costs of the delivery are charged upon the Client in Poland you will find in PL version of shop

  3. International delivery by GLS  up to max. 30 kg one parcel. 




6. Global Express - priority post letter - ATTENTION THIS DELIVERY IS TEMPORARY CANCELED 

7. International post package - up to 20 kg ATTENTION THIS DELIVERY IS TEMPORARY CANCELED 

8. In Poland, the delivery date of the Goods to the Customer is a maximum of 2 Business Days, unless a different date is specified in the description of the given Goods. Delivery of a parcel within the European Union by courier GLS or DPD from 2 to 7 working days, a letter from Global Express from 4 to 12 days, a postal package from 7 to 21 days.

9. Upon delivery, the Client shall check, in the presence of the courier, whether the packaging shows any signs of prior opening or signs of any damage. Should the Client find that the package with Goods has been opened prior to delivery or that the Goods have been damaged, the Client shall draw up, together with the courier, a damage report and forthwith inform the Seller about it.

10. The On-line Store does not cover the customs duties. Should the destination of the Order delivery be outside the borders of the EU member states, the Client shall be obliged to bear the customs duties. All issues related to customs duties are to be solved by the Buyer. Precise information as regards the amount of the payable duties can be found by the Client on the integrated Tariff of the European Union website (TARIC), where the information on currently applicable rates is available under the following address: taric/taric_consultation.jsp?Lang=en