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BELFIL-S 120 overlock thread of the best quality. The balanced elasticity of BELFIL-S thread meets the requirements for sewing in professional sewing rooms as well as in home sewing machines, overlocks and embroidery machines.

It gives much higher sewing performance compared to standard threads. It is ideal for sewing clothing and textiles of all kinds - from heavy outerwear (leather, jeans) to delicate, light clothing and underwear. It is used for sewing materials made of both natural fibres, blends and 100% synthetic materials.

It is characterised by high strength, the thread is resistant to abrasion and moisture, the colour is permanent, all these features influence the durability of the exploited product.

The versatility of BELFIL-S optimises the number of threads in the sewing room and gives the opportunity to choose from many colours. The threads are convenient in both use and storage.



  • Women's clothing, men's clothing
  • Sportswear and outerwear
  • Jeans
  • Underwear and lingerie for women
  • Leather clothing
  • Workwear
  • Home decoration
  • Embroidery

needle size (Nm) - 70-90
needle size (Nr) - 10-14