Underwires DEMI CUP 190mm Typ 18-050

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    SET - 2 pcs

  • SET - 2 pc
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Metal underwires for the bra. They can be used to repair a bra or to sew underwear by yourself.
The nylon tip will ensure comfort in use. Underwires give the cup stability and shape.
Underwire DEMI CUP with a lowered front and rear part. Suitable for most low-rise bras (half-cup type).
The underwires, properly matched to the size of the bust, will make the bra comfortable and emphasize the shape of your bust beautifully.

The set includes two pieces of underwire - right and left. From the outside, they are slightly higher.

WARNING! The size of the underwire does NOT match its length. You don't know which size to choose? You can download the file with the size template MIEKKIE_TUTAJ